Project website:

The involvement in an information and educational campaign on renewable energy sources within the project “Installation of renewable energy systems on the public utility buildings and private houses in the Communes which are members of the Union of the Wisłoka River Basin Communes” no. KIK/66 financed through the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme. The project is conducted in 20 communes belonging to the Union of the Wisłoka River Basin Communes. Timeframe of the project: 1.06.2012-31.12.2015.

Major goals of the campaign are:

  • conducting training sessions for the representatives of partner communes and the Union staff, teachers, and youth (so called “house advisors”) in environmental protection, nature conservation, renewable energy sources, and the rules of communication with residents,
  • promotion of renewable energy sources and the benefits they bring among the residents of communes from the Union, and informing about the pending “solar project”.