SCALES - Securing the Conservation of biodiversity across Administrative Levels and spatial, temporal, and Ecological Scales

The general objective of SCALES is to provide the most appropriate assessment tools and policy instruments to foster our capacity for biodiversity conservation across spatial and temporal scales and to disseminate them to a wide range of users. This general objective can be broken down into seven detailed objectives:

  • Assess and model the socioeconomic drivers and the resulting environmental pressures affecting European biodiversity across scales,
  • Improve the methodology for analysing the scale-dependent impacts of these pressures
  • Develop and evaluate new methods for upscaling and downscaling
  • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of policy instruments to address scale-related conservation problems, and improve multilevel biodiversity governance
  • Test and evaluate the practical suitability and matching of the respective methods with policy instruments
  • Translate the results of SCALES into policy and management recommendations and facilitate their application via a web based support tool kit
  • Disseminate the results to a wide range of relevant policy makers, public sector representatives, land users, NGOs, scientists, and the general public at international, national, and local level