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The Team is taking part in the project PINaP - Innovative teaching of science on upper secondary school level co-financed by EU resources within the European Social Fund and the Human Capital Operational Programme (Priority III High quality of the education system, Action 3.3 Increasing quality of education, Sub-measure Modernisation of education’s content and methods).

The project will be performed from 15.01.2013 to 30.09.2015 according to the schedule and rules specified in the financing agreement for project no. UDA-POKL.03.03.04-00-222/12-00 between the Jagiellonian University and the Centre for Education Development.

The aim of the project includes developing an Innovative Science Teaching Programme together with didactic educational background and introducing interdisciplinary science teaching in upper secondary schools, including the use of advanced information and communication technologies, as well as knowledge and research information transfer from the academic level.

The project provides for a pilot introduction of PINaP in 2014/2015 school year in 20 upper secondary schools in the Małopolska Voivodeship. The implementation of the programme will be preceded by a series of free training sessions for 40 science teachers from participating schools.